FAQ for Influencers

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many factors that SwayFluence considers before connecting a person to our influencer network, and one of those is audience size and engagement. While there isn’t a set minimum, you do need to have an existing and active audience and make a visible impact with your content.

We define micro-influencer individuals that have an audience of 10,000 to 100,000 and are considered experts in their respective niche. Micro influencers reach high engagement with their content and don’t count millions of people within their audience.

SwayFluence takes on the responsibilities of finding and vetting international brands to reach a desired collaboration, establishing a long-term relationship, negotiating rates and contracts, reviewing content, and reporting on campaigns. We help influencers and brands tell their stories together – no matter where in the world you are.

There’s no straightforward answer to that question. As a valued influencer, you will receive different forms of benefits from the brands that you will work with. This could fluctuate depending on the unique requirements of the campaign. This might include the following: Complimentary products or services, monetary compensation, and commission.

If there’s no prior agreement regarding ownership or intellectual property rights, then the influencer has the copyright on the content and all rights associated with the copyright. However, brands can stipulate in their contracts with influencers to have exclusive rights to use the content for a certain period or for life.

After signing up as an influencer you can explore the available campaigns on our website or wait for SwayFluence to send you personal invitations to participate in campaigns. Full details of the campaign will be shared with you alongside with the agreement.

SwayFluence is present in every industry, and we run different type of campaigns, such as: Giveaways & Sweepstakes, Contests & Event Activations, Social Media Takeovers, Affiliate Marketing, Sponsored Posts & Blogs, Familiarization Trips, Brand Ambassador Programs, Gift Unboxing and Reviews and so much more.